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For my entire life, I love doing anything and everything creative. And even now at the age of 30 my imagination is still rooted in the world of comics, heroes and fantasy. I will always be a kid at heart. And in the creative industry it allowed me to challenge that imagination and begin translating it into a reality.

I hope you take time exploring the works in this portfolio. Thanks for visiting and take care!

what people say about mark

Mark performed as asked and was typically notable when he stepped up during some very difficult waiting periods we experienced with our customer for this project. We like his intuitive design knowledge as he does possess extreme competence when the necessary work had to be done. Thanks for the great job!
Robert Oliver
Owner of Promote You Now
Mark is a great Graphic Designer who listens to the client's needs and is great at finishing projects on time and within budget. He is a reliable right-hand man to have around during crunch time and high-volume season!
Aimee Acevedo Liu
Operations Manager of Interactive at Affinity Express
Mark is a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun, easy and interesting. A dependable and responsible person when it comes to his obligations such as deliverables on time. With his relentless motivation and knowledge of art, Mark would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any company!
Hans McKonaughey
Creative Design Director of

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